Mommy and Me

Air Time: Hiatus until January 2018
New Episode every Thursday @ 11am PST! Podcast available for download on itunes and all the usual places!

Jo and baby Lillian

Show Description:

The Mommy and Me Show has partnered up with Community Connections to help outreach to families and let them know just what is available to them in the town of Revelstoke. The host, Jo Gawler, is a new Mom and brings along her little girl Lilly to the studio each week. Jo invites fellow Moms, professionals, dads, and anyone that helps raise children in the community to help give advice or talk about activities that you can bring your children to. Mommy and Me is every Thursday from 11am til noon, we hope you find it entertaining and informative, and if nothing else you can always dance to the fun music after the talking parts are over!