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Get to know the bars of Revelstoke on this Christmas special pub crawl.
Visit local businesses and sample their delights at a discount while winning prizes along the way. Learn more…

One Ring to Bind Them: The Story of Revelstoke’s Lord of the Rings

Arleigh Garratt is the lord of the rings. She owns Garnish here in Revelstoke. It’s a little craft jewellery shop where she makes tons of rings herself. But this winter, Arleigh began offering ring workshops for people who had never jewelled anything in their lives to “DIY” their own rings. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden managed not to cut any of his fingers off at one of these workshops.

Wrecked em’…Pete’s on the Scene of a Truck Rollover and lets us know what happens to the goods…

Truck Rollovers are a potential cornucopia of reclaimed items…#LuluLemon pants, #Chewing #tobacco, #Watermelons, #Bagels, and #Shrimp.
These are just a few of the memorable truck loads that have crashed on the outskirts of Revelstoke.
It’s sometimes a grey area between scavenging and salvaging …
… and it may not always be exactly legal …
… but truck crash bonanzas are a secret perk to living in a small town along a busy(and dangerous) stretch of the Trans-Canada highway.
Stoke FM Morning Show Peter Worden Pete on the Street Highway, went to find out what are some of the most memorable truck crash bonanzas.

Metta Ink – Quantum healing and Tattoos

Stoke FM’s Kyle Simkins profiled Metta Ink’s proprietor Anna Mint – who is a quantum healer AND tattoo artist, with a new shop in Revelstoke.



IFSA Series Event @ RMR – StokeFM was there!

IFSA Series Event Level: 4* FWQ was held at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Kyle Simkins went to “drop-in” on the action.

NCES Hunting 101

Kyle Simkins went to school!…for hunting 101 with the NCES.

Have a listen.

PETE ON THE STREET — Inside Mountainview

A new distillery is taking shape inside Mountain View School in Revelstoke. The 1914 brick school is a landmark treasure here … and sold last Fall to Gareth Jones who plans to turn it into a distillery … and medical clinic. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden went to meet the man with the plan, and to get a glimpse inside Mountain View

Holiday Trainmaggedon 2016

For those who waited, the memory of this year’s holiday train will stay with them forever, because it was the train that felt like it may never come – and when it did, you were happy you waited.

The train was late, the night was cold and the bonfire’s seemed as if they couldn’t stay lit.

But it gave our Mike Murphy the opportunity to bond with others over their Holiday Train 2016 experience.

Here is an audio account of Mike’s near descent into madness as he waited for that train to come.

Las Revelstoke

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. The Revelstoke Legion turns into a little Las Vegas every Saturday with its big weekly Meat Draw. With big meat to be won plus 50-50, Keno, pull tabs, it’s the Legion’s biggest and best money-maker, Stoke FM’s Pete Worden went to get in on that action.

Pete on the Street and at the Food Bank AND Mushin’ Mud Puppies

Faces Behind The Food Bank

Revelstoke’s Food Bank is run by hard-working …. but often elusive volunteers. They don’t want any recognition. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden caught up with some of them who avoided him like the plague. Here it is, anyway, the people behind our local food bank.

Mud Puppies

Dogsledding is a popular winter activity … but what in dog’s name do they do the other 8 months of the year? Right now it’s a muddy mess in the Big Eddy where Eric Marsden runs Revelstoke Dog Sledding. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden caught up with Eric to meet the new dog team this winter and see what goes in to keeping sled dogs during the off-season — spoiler alert: a lot of meat.

Boltwood Mill : Guitar top o’ the world

Did you know there is a mill RIGHT HERE in REVELSTOKE that produces guitar tops for guitar makers AROUND THE WORLD?

Kyle Simkins carved out a pretty sweet story about the mill and the process behind what it does and the men that run it.

Chair Lift 101 – Getting to know the team that keeps things “moving”

Musical chairs? kinda.
Stoke FM’s Kyle Simkins went behind the scenes to find out who’s keeping the lift service at RMR in tiptop shape year round – and after being named the Best Canadian Ski Resort @ the World Ski Awards.
Have a listen!

Profile: Pulse Boot Lab and Ski Co.

One of Revelstoke biggest and best power couples is Kai Paulkanen and Kelly Hutchinson…owners of Pulse Boot Fitting. If you’ve noticed a change on the corner of MacKenzie and 2nd Street…That’s because Pulse has moved from it’s original Orton Street location to the heart of downtown.

The new location has opened, and Kyle caught up with Kai and Kelly to so see what the new locale is all about and what went into the renovation.

Revelstoke Golf Club

Kyle swings away at the Revelstoke Golf Club with Chance Beardsworth!


Pete on the Street Round-up: Spring 2016

Pete on the Street: Experiment ‘Pam’s Kitchen’

A German, Indian fusion restaurant?…

Revelstoke Credit Union’s Fun Run featured a good amount of running and a mediocre amount of fun. Well it was fun for most people. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden accidentally ran a full 7 kilometres. He caught up with a few runners and here’s what they had to say.

Stoke FM’s Pete tries a twist on a classic: A minty fresh feeling after swabbing your ear with a PTip? the P is for Peter…we’re assuming.

Would you buy em? have a listen to this stupid, dumb-ass experiment anyway!

Crosscutting Taught by the Ageless Ernie Larsen


SUGAR Shack, What’s It All Aboot? and Pete on the Street

Every spring the L’École des Glaciers and the Francophone Cultural Group invites you to the Sugar Shack, so Stoke FM went!

cool climate, warm greetings syrup on snow…syrup on EVERYTHING!

Pete from Stoke FM was on hand at the Sugar Shack offering complimentary French lessons to toute le monde. Speaking or trying to speak French …here’s Pete on the Street.

PETE ON THE STREET — Ski Hill Closes

Pedro hits the Mountain on closing day for enthusiast’s highlights of the season.

RMR End of Season 2015/16!

Another year in the books!
How was the 2015/16 season?

Stoke FM’s Kyle Simkins hears from RMR’s management about the season that was and the summer that’s going to be.

Pedro hits the Mountain on closing day for enthusiast’s highlights of the season.

Pete’s Stupid Dumb*ss Experiments: Joining the Circus and Skinks!


Uhhhh what the H E double hockey sticks is a skink?

Pete on the Street gets around town to fill us in on what they are, and WHY people are trying to save them.

EXPERIMENT — Pedro Joins The Circus

The Stoke FM Morning Show: BC’s New Booze Capital

Jen and Josh McLafferty are the owners of Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery. They plan to open late-winter or early-spring 2017. Stoke FM’s Pete was on the street and caught up with the McLafferty’s to talk about how to become a craft distillery and the future of the BC booze biz.

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Sneak Pete

Revelstoke’s 1909 McKinnon Block over on First Street is getting a major overhaul. Once the entertainment jewel of tobacconist Hector McKinnon, now Stephen and Rebekah Jenkins are turning the former pool hall into a modern hotel, restaurant and event space, set to open this winter. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden was out on the street … and stopped in to get a sneak peek.

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Ch-Ch-Chic it out!

From living sustainably, gardening, and even fishing… Chic Sharp proves to be an influential leader in the Revelstoke community. But on top of it all… Chic has been a karate teacher for over three decades. Stoke FM’s Jessica Campbell attended one of Chic’s classes. This is what she learned about the discipline, and why it’s worth the effort…

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Zen and the Art of Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance

The Morning Show’s Jess Campbell hung out with Dave Pearson and his crew of Mountain Bikers come construction crew to see what happens when the team gathers to maintain and build mountain bike trails around town. Did you think the trails did it themselves? Here’s Jess finding out about Zen and the Art of Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Cathy English drops some knowledge on Revelstoke’s Housing

Local historian, Morning Show favourite, all around badass and baker Cathy English popped in to drop off cookies and knowledge on the Morning Show Crew. On this particular morning, Cathy talks about how the town took shaped through housing. Did you know some houses were built close together on small lots because people believed Revelstoke would grow into a big city! ….well, have we made it?


Barefoot Mountain Return!

The Boys from Barefoot Mountain return to play us ANOTHER hit!

Have a listen:

Stoke FM Morning Show Strikes Gold!

Darrel Davis popped in with some stories…and gold to talk about his recent find.

CBC Creative Non-Fiction writer Leslie Davidson talks shop with the Show

Leslie lives in Revy, and has won the CBC’s 2016 Creative Non-Fiction short story prize. Leslie has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and her husband, with young-onset dementia. ‘Adaptation’ deals with this reality.
Leslie also has just released a picture book entitled ‘In the Red Canoe’.

Listen to her interview with the Morning Show! Thank you Leslie for stopping in and sharing with us.

You can read adaptation here:

and purchase ‘In the Red Canoe’ at Grizzly bookstore in town or online here:

Stoke FM and the Emergency Services Food Drive!

Every year community groups come together and go door-to-door asking for non-perishable food donations for the food bank.
The event is a huge donation to the food bank during an off-peak time of year when donations are typically low. Stoke FM’s Kyle Simkins was apart of the station’s team that helped on night #1.
Community Connections organizes the event which raised $4,000 and 10,500 pounds of food this year!

On the Right Side of the Tracks: Stoke FM Morning Show goes to the Revelstoke Garlic Festival!

Stoke FM’s Jess Campbell traversed this year’s Revelstoke Garlic festival to get the low down on the growth and popularity of the 3rd annual event, held as a fundraiser for the Local Food Initiative.

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Pete on the Street: Stink Bugs!

Pete…was on the street to find out whether Revelstokers love or loathe this bug whom we don’t even call by its real name #westernconiferseedbug


The Stoke FM Morning Show: Ryan Marchand Returns!

Ryan Marchand plays the Bierhaus the 15th and 16th and decided to pop in to talk about where his been since his last visit and play us a song. catch the interview and tune below!






The Stoke FM Morning Show: The Wild Romantics – Who ya Foolin’?

A fraction of The Wild Romantics played an acoustic version of “Who Ya Foolin'” from their album She Could Tell. Find it in all the usual places, itunes, etc.

They play THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG the night before and were kind enough to play for us, winning hearts and minds in the process.


Pete On The Street – Random Home Deco

Pete is back on the street and at your door!

Pete went door-to-door to see if Revelstokers had something in their homes they were particularly proud of or wanted to show off.

Surprisingly no one chased him away! (It’s cause he’s such a noice guy)

The Stoke FM Morning Show – Cathy English, Downtown And In The Ground!

Show Favourite Cathy English dropped in and dropped knowledge on the Morning Show Crew. Cathy talked about unsolved murders, the cemetery, and how Prime Minister Laurier picked where our Post Office was!

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Ryan Marchand – Really Smart People, Doing Really Smart Things

Badass Ryan Marchand stopped by and played a song that encapsulates the current vibe of US political discourse… listen to “Really Smart People, Doing Really Smart Things”

Find more of Ryan here:

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Bruce Thomas – Before They Make Me Run (Rolling Stones)

Bruce Thomas of Lofi Uppercut stopped by the Morning Show and played a favourite Stones tune.

catch more of Bruce here:


The Stoke FM Morning Show & the 100 Mile Diet!

What’s the 100 mile diet? A way to acquire the food we eat sustainably. Stoke FM’s Jessica Campbell attended a talk hosted by the LFI’s Garden Guru, Sarah Darval.

The Stoke FM Morning Show @ the Glacier Challenge!

Stoke FM broadcast live from the 2016 Glacier Challenge and our very own Kyle Simkins played in the event. Here though, Kyle rounds up the events tourney weekend and talks with event organizers and participants…have a listen!

Rememeber to check out our Facebook page and Instagram feed to follow us and see snaps from all over Revelstoke and the events we attend!

Never. Swim. Alone.

Revelstoke Theatre Company are putting on a new play…Never Swim Alone. Stoke FM’s Kyle Simkins went to investigate why…

The Stoke FM Morning Show July 19th with Cathy English!

Show favourite Cathy English popped in to tell us about the history of downtown Revelstoke, how we got our name and about the town’s former name Farwell… we coulda been Well FM!

Enlightening and Entertaining!

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Bout that Roller Derby…the Derailers!

Stoke FM’s Jessica Campbell went to the Revelstoke Forum to catch the action for the Derailers final home roller derby bout of the season.
Continuing to emerge, roller derby is a sign that summer is in season, and the Derailers have become a positive and impactful influence on the community that supports them.

Derailers 1

Find more Derailers bout photos on our facebook page.

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Cathy English talks about Explorer David Thompson

Cathy English makes her regularly scheduled visit into the Morning Show to talk about Explorer David Thompson and his relationship to Revelstoke. David Thompson  (30 April 1770 – 10 February 1857) was a British-Canadian fur trader, surveyor, and map-maker, known to some native peoples as “Koo-Koo-Sint” or “the Stargazer.” Over Thompson’s career, he travelled some 90,000 kilometers across North America, mapping 4.9 million square kilometres (1.9 million square miles) of North America along the way.[1]For this historic feat, Thompson has been described as the “greatest land geographer who ever lived. (wikipedia)

Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Wine Not?

The Stoke FM Morning Show’s Peter Worden recently went out on Everything Revelstoke’s Grape Escape
winery tours in the North Okanagan. With the tour focusing on wineries just an hour West of Revelstoke, He wondered to himself, could Revy ever have a winery of its own? Well the answer is…you’ll have to listen to find out!

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Kyle drops in on the Big Bear!

The Morning Show’s Kyle Simkins dropped in on the Big Bear Classic Soccer Tournament to find out more about Revelstoke FC and Soccer’s…ahem Football’s place in the history of the town and its role in the community.

revelstoke mens soccer

The Stoke FM Morning Show & Motion Notion!

The Stoke FM Morning Show spoke with Motion Notion Festival Director Kevin Harper who talked about this year’s festival setup, including 3 new stages including a sideshow of magicians and fire performers!
A family-friendly event for all ages including a bouncy castle for the kids.
Listen below to Kevin’s full interview. Motion Notion takes place between July 21st and 25th.

GET TO  for more information and details about the festival!

The Morning Show is Giving Away A Motion Notion Festival Pass!

To Enter:
Submit a short clip on Facebook/Instagram of you doing your BEST DANCE when the BEAT DROPS!

– Provide us your name and contact info; We want to get a hold of you when your video wins 😉
Deadline to Enter is July 14th.

Check out the Morning Show’s Beat Drop videos below for inspiration!

Stoke FM is giving away tickets to Golden's @motionnotion #festival! How to win? Send us your best #drop video! Check out our morning show examples… I think @kyle_simkins could take this one! (And he says he has so rhythm… Pffftttt!)

A video posted by Long. Live. Radio. (@stokefm) on

Stoke FM is giving away tickets to Golden's @motionnotion #festival! How to win? Send us your best #drop video! Check out our morning show examples… I think @kyle_simkins could take this one! (And he says he has so rhythm… Pffftttt!)

A video posted by Long. Live. Radio. (@stokefm) on

Stoke FM is giving away tickets to Golden's @motionnotion #festival! How to win? Send us your best #drop video! Check out our morning show examples… I think @kyle_simkins could take this one! (And he says he has so rhythm… Pffftttt!)

A video posted by Long. Live. Radio. (@stokefm) on

Stoke FM is giving away tickets to Golden's @motionnotion #festival! How to win? Send us your best #drop video! Check out our morning show examples… I think @kyle_simkins could take this one! (And he says he has so rhythm… Pffftttt!)

A video posted by Long. Live. Radio. (@stokefm) on

The Stoke FM Morning Show and Kyle Pullan

June 23rd 2016
Insanity, aka @kyle_pullan was in studio on the @stokefm morning show. He played “Metal Edges” off his new EP of the same name. Check him out on his Insta or on his Facebook at Kyle Pullan Music. You gotta check this guy out!

The Stoke FM Morning Show and the Sinixt Nation

June 21st is National Aboriginal Day, and Show friend and favourite Cathy English dropped in to tell us about the Sinixt Nation.

Have a Listen!

The Stoke FM Morning Show Goes Batty!

Monday June 13th 2015

If you’ve recently strolled through Revelstoke’s Illecillewaet Green Belt, you might

have noticed how there are new brown boxes on the trees *and hydro 

poles* throughout the area.

Stoke FM’s Jess Campbell figured out what these are… and why they have been



The Stoke FM Morning Danger Thrill Show!

Wednesday June 8th.
The Stoke FM crew had the immense pleasure and (viewing) pain of having Neil E Dee and his compadres from his Danger Thrill Show, Lil’ Burkes and Fatt Matt in studio to show and tell us a thing or two about sideshowin’…Listen below to recount the who’sits and what’sits Kyle throws needles at the belly of the World’s Fattest Controtionist and Pete touches a man’s lungs with a 22 inch sword!



The Stoke FM Morning Show hosted the @dangerthrillshow yesterday! Neil E. Dee can swallow a 20-inch sword! Fatt Matt is the world's FATTEST contortionist (he's 400 pounds)! And Ms. Lil' Burks gobbles up fire like a BOSS! Check these guys out at the @rivercitypub tonight! Tickets are free, show starts at 9 p.m. #circus #swordswallower #contorionist #fireeater @theinsidestoke

A video posted by Long. Live. Radio. (@stokefm) on

The @dangerthrillshow was @stokefm this morning! See the FATTEST CONTORTIONIST IN THE WOLRD perform tomorrow at The River City Pub – 9 p.m., thickets are free (spelling mistake intended)! The group also swallows 20-inch knives AND fire! Thanks for being at the station the @dangerthrillshow! #circus #entertainment #darts #contortionist #contorton

A video posted by The Inside Stoke (@theinsidestoke) on


The Stoke FM Morning show gets Derailed…and Michael Coughlan performs

June 6th 2016

What a HUGE Show.
Friend of the show Commanda, brought the Wheel Deal along to let us in on what’s happening in the world of roller derby.


Earlier in the show, Michael Coughlan explains how he and Kyle bumped into one another at a van…down by the river…and what’s next for this singer/songwriter. Michael Coughlan performs.


Stoke FM @ Timber Days

Timber Days is one of the best days of the year. Taking place on May long weekend, Timber Days is a celebration of the games born out of a way of life: Logging.

watch our coverage below, and if you didn’t get out this year, make it out next year!


The Stoke FM Morning Show: Save Macpherson Rally!

Mount Macpherson is a playground to both locals and tourists in Revelstoke, BC. As it stands (because cutting hasn’t started just yet!), the BC government plans to log this area in Sept. 2016 if not otherwise swayed. Over 100 people gathered at the trailhead this weekend, May 21, to rally against this movement. Visit for more details. Jess Campbell was there and filed this report:

The Stoke FM Morning Show hit’s the Pipe Mountain Coaster @ Revelstoke Mountain Resort!

Kyle and the Crew from the Morning Show rode the NEW Pipe Mountain Coaster @ Revelstoke Mountain Resort – Check of the video of Kyle’s ride and learn about how the coaster works!

The Stoke FM Morning Show May 24th: Cathy English Droppin’ Knowledge!

May 2-4.

You LOVE Revelstoke, but do you KNOW Revelstoke?
Cathy English popped in to drop knowledge on the Morning Crew as they explore Heritage Week in town!

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Poverty Reduction and 3nder!

Tuesday May 17th 2016

Kevin Dorrius of Community Futures stopped in to discuss ‘Understanding the Economics of Poverty Reduction Forum’ being held in Revelstoke May 18th &19th

Reducing poverty among the working poor, as an investment and not a cost was a theme discussed this morning. Have a listen!

The word of the day today was Entreat. 3nder (thrinder) is a way to entreat via app about finding a third…we’re not talking about when you’re short a Euchre player or need someone to fill out your 3 on 3 ball team., although it could be used for that, the Morning Show crew explores.
Also: the boys can’t figure out how to say anonymity …Oh and @ 3:01 Jess cackles, Mike howls in the background because of this.

Tune in weekdays 8 to 9:30 am PST! 92.5 Stoke FM listen live here:

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Fort McMurray Fires

May 6th 2016

Pipeline builder and all-around good guy Steve Dufoe splits his time between taking care of business in Fort Mac and having fun in Revelstoke. Steve joined the Morning show today to talk about his experience in evacuating Fort Mac, losing his house in the fire and his thoughts on what’s next for the City.
Also, Kyle says President Trudeau…he knows we have a Prime Minister. it’s early…

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Jess to the Gym!

Thursday May 5th 2016

Jess has decided to get some fit at Trans-Canada Fitness. At the end of May she has a 1 Month Pass to giveaway for Trans-Canada Fitness BUT in order to do so, Jess will have to honour her resolution: Hit the Gym every day she’s on the air with the Stoke FM Morning Show! How can you win the pass?
listen to details from today’s Morning Show!


The Stoke FM Morning Show: Tasteful Tuesday & the LFI Plant a Seed

Tuesday May 3rd 2016

Jess gets Kyle to be the Guinea Pig on today’s show. Coffee addict Kyle is challenged to try a unique substitute for his beloved cream and sugar, listen to his verdict!

And the Local Food Initiative stops by to talk about growing in the community!

The Stoke FM Morning Show: Peter and Pooper’s

Friday April 29th

Pete is in Studio! He and Kyle talk to Stoke Youth Network rep Arden about May’s winner Raine Carnegie!

Giles Shearing popped in to talk about his Nepal Benefit happening this weekend

Mike drops in to talk about a Poop bandit in Ohio