Pete on the Street and at the Food Bank AND Mushin’ Mud Puppies

Faces Behind The Food Bank

Revelstoke’s Food Bank is run by hard-working …. but often elusive volunteers. They don’t want any recognition. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden caught up with some of them who avoided him like the plague. Here it is, anyway, the people behind our local food bank.

Mud Puppies

Dogsledding is a popular winter activity … but what in dog’s name do they do the other 8 months of the year? Right now it’s a muddy mess in the Big Eddy where Eric Marsden runs Revelstoke Dog Sledding. Stoke FM’s Pete Worden caught up with Eric to meet the new dog team this winter and see what goes in to keeping sled dogs during the off-season — spoiler alert: a lot of meat.