Congratulations to our lucky winners of the
Big Bend Cafe’s ‘Breakfast Hero’ contest!

Their team is up early grinding harder then the coffee bean blender. Buses are out running every morning no matter how much snow has fallen and the snow/sand team has the lots spic and span. When all the kids are bused to school on time and they can get into the building safely they are ready for their breakfast!

The breakfast heroes team of LPNs & Resident Care Aids at
Mount Cartier Court are full of heart & love what they do! They take care of the elderly who need some extra help. The work place is an extended family from co workers to residents to their families. It puts a smile on their lovely faces to be apart of residents life journey and to get to know them and support them even if it’s close to the end.

Every week Patti and her amazing team of volunteers spend 3-4 hours at the food bank to ensure our community members receive adequate food resources. They are always helpful, friendly and very committed to their volunteer duties. Many have been volunteering for more than 10 years!

The Options for sexual health team of nurses, doctors, staff and volunteers love giving out sexual and reproductive health care information. As well as offering testing and education from a feminist, pro-choice, sex positive perspective to Revelstoke locals and visitors!