Hosts and Staff

MURRAY ELLIOTT // Executive Director and Morning Show Babysitter

Skier, DJ and Station Manager – With an ever expanding record collection of Australian, Canadian and otherwordly gems, Murray tries to take as much influence as he can from the obscure corners of the globe. Catch him on the morning show occasionally or Saturdays from 9pm.

SEAN WHALEN (Morning Show Host) & MATT POTTER// Hosts of ‘The Music Listener’s Club’

Whalen’s got a wife, a bald head and kids. He’s the one on the left. He started the ML Club so that he could get drunk every Thursday night without “hearing about it.” He has a huge breadth of musical knowledge, which expands with the beers. Once, he drank whiskey throughout the entire show, and spent the entire next day puking. So yeah, Whalen’s a boss.

Matt Potter (right) is your classic “nice guy.” Always finishing last, MP is one of those guys a lady might go on a date with and tell her friends after that he was a liar, because “nobody is that legit.” But poor Matty was telling the damn truth. He plays four different instruments, works at a brewery, and has been described as a careless whisper with his shirt off. He’s the kind of guy you want at your wedding: he’ll twirl men, women and children, to just about anything. Think Old Spice guy meets Seth Cohen from the OC.

Tune in Thursdays at 8 PM!

Hilary Zeeuwen a.k.a Dolla Hilz // Host of Irie and Fiery

Equal parts math geek, snowboard enthusiast, dancehall aficionado and VibeSelekta, Hilary has been actively volunteering as a show host and general solver of problems since 2016. Tune in Fridays at 9PM to hear the hottest and freshest island inspired beats on her show Irie & Fiery.

MIKE WATSON // Host of ‘Mountains, Lakes and Streams’

“Mountain Mike” Watson is your classic environmentalist. He drives trucks and trains, doesn’t recycle and hates people. But his musical taste is sensitive, gentle and airy, and alludes to being one with nature and caring.


Lerritt is a true Habs fan and the tone of his voice suggests he knows more than you do. Chris secretly listens to Calvin Harris on his Walkman while skipping happily on the trails of Mt. Revelstoke National Park… and Matt is the BFF.

If you tune-in on Mondays at 8 PM your ears might start bleeding!

DEXAVILLE // Host of ‘Dexessions’

This red-headed Aussie made his way all the way over to Revelstoke from the Gold Coast. Spinning House, Deep House, Tech House, Nu-Disco & Funk… this guy keeps the dancefloor (and the radiowaves) bumpin’!

Tune in Fridays at 10pm!


Jim has lived in Revelstoke for the past 23 years. His background is in theatre and film production. In 1998 he created “Definitely NOT The CBC”, a pioneering web based broadcast for the first Internet Television network, PlayTV.  He has produced, written, and hosted internet audio/video content for various North American based media providers for the past 18 years. His program has been best described by listeners as,  “A conversation shared between friends about life, music, laughter, and good times”

BRENNAN STORR // Host of ‘Largely the Truth’

Brennan is the Revelstoke-born author of “A Strange Little Place:  The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town” and co-host of “The Ghost Story Guys Podcast”.  A creature of the night, you can usually find him wherever the coffee is hot and the lights are low, or on Twitter and Instagram at @largelythetruth
Tune in Wednesday at 8:00pm!

OUR FOUNDERS // If it wasn’t for them, we would not have this station

SCOTT DUKE // Founder and Board Member

The only reason Scott Duke ever owned a radio was because the only vehicle he could afford was a Ford Ranger (basic model). His musical background consists of playing the tenor saxophone in the high school band for three years and… nothing else. He refers to his musical taste as “generic” (Abba and Iron Maiden) and is maybe the least qualified person in Canada to run a radio station. Scott struggles with high temperatures, independent women and making his own breakfast.

He scoffs at people who are “lactose intolerant” and hints at a glamorous “past life” of touring around to wakeboard competitions on a bus. His current life life consists of juggling several careers (aka Scott Dukeing): Director of Stoke FM, Co-Owner of Revelstoke Property Services, and a City Councilor of Revelstoke.

He likes to say “bare bones,” “either way,” and “beauty,” all of which can translate to: “we’re not going to talk about this anymore.”


Name a job at Stoke FM and Annie has done it.  From making the memorable trip to Nelson to pickup our first transmitter, Annie has been here before the beginning.  A true founder and creative personality Annie has left a major mark on what Stoke FM is today.  Annie has legendary status in our eyes.  Oh ya, she also was the creator of a station slogan – “Stoke FM, bringing unity to the community”


Eve was once “The Voice” and arguably the best ad creator Stoke FM ever had. Being Scott’s partner, we decided to keep her beautiful mug featured on the website.

She bakes in a sports bra, hits jumps on a dirt bike, shoots guns and drinks whiskey to replenish vital fluids after beating Scott in a competitive game of squash or curling.
It should also be noted that Eve has multiple tattoos, but only regrets one.


At seven months of age, Katie Burrell starred in a 15-second IKEA highchair commercial and was written up in the newspaper. Since then, Katie had been trying to recreate her fleeting fame, but was ultimately “washed up”. That’s when Scott found her, brushed her off, and put her behind the microphone on the Morning Show. After a couple years of dominating the airwaves, she came up with enough jokes about being a single girl in a small town; and decided she was ready to chase her dream of becoming a “ten”, a standup comedian, and a divorcee with a drinking problem. She is currently working on this in Vancouver, BC.


Was heir to the inaugural Morning Show setup. Before him, stains on tee shirts weren’t visible over the air.
Our loveable curmudgeon has stepped away from the mic, we hope he returns one day, maybe when the Lions win the Super Bowl.


Brad Christie is a music nerd, a grammar snob and a lady-killer, the last of which he is not at all aware of. His bike tech friends call him Cookie. He sometimes has painted nails. All of this shined through on his Sunday night show: “Filtered for the People.” Brad described it as something along the lines of, “I’d nerd out and then I’d try to tone it down to kind of normal