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As a radio society, Stoke FM relies on its listeners to keep the airwaves humming and sharing information important to the community.

You can activate a membership at any time-but it must be activated once per year to continue receiving membership benefits; The membership is activated the day it’s purchased.

New and renewing members can choose to contribute in different ways.  Pay for your membership, donate with a one-time payment or donate monthly.
With donations, please specify if you would like your contribution to go to a specific show or to the station.

We have monthly payment options through our website making it easy for you to contribute.
Cheque, cash, VISA, Mastercard and Paypal are also payment options.

Membership Benefits Include:
A sweet die cut vinyl sticker showing off that you’re a member making everyone else envious!
Show your membership at the door of the 5th Annual Comedy Fest and receive $10 in raffle tickets.
Voting rights at the AGM
Opportunities to win exclusive on-air giveaways; you have to be a member to win!
Join our email list.
The opportunity to receive radio training and host your own radio show
…and most important: your contribution will go to keeping Stoke FM on the airwaves.

Join Stoke FM as a member today.
Call 250-837-7475.
Or come down to the station 111 2nd St E.

Your membership helps ensure Stoke FM continues providing non-profit radio: local and emerging artist promotion, cultural support in your community and the soundtrack to your adventure in Revelstoke. As a member, you have a hand in promoting the ideas and art that are important to you. There are many reasons to love radio from your community, about your community. Stoke FM. Bringing Unity to the Community. Long. Live. Radio.

Paypal is a safe and secure.
You don’t need an account to purchase or donate!
Subscribe to a Stoke FM Membership below – Cost is $20
Please include your mailing address so we can send you your sticker and membership card!

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Support Stoke FM Year-Round by Making a Recurring Contribution. Let us know if you want your Generosity to go to the Station or your Favourite Show! select from the options, fill in the box and hit subscribe!

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