Stoke FM is the love child of a second hand antenna and a keg party. Kootenay Co-op Radio and Begbie Beer left the baby to the party’s host, Scott Duke, a man with minimal first aid experience and little faith in single parenting. So Scott did what anyone would: bagged the woman of his dreams, bought a house, and whole-heartedly took on the responsibility of raising the abandoned child. Stoke FM saved up it’s money while broadcasting in Scott’s basement. And after a couple of years, and a couple more keg parties, Stoke FM did what any kid would do. Move out of your parent’s basement. Stoke FM now resides in a penthouse in the trendy East 100 Block on 2nd Street in downtown Revelstoke. We play the tunes that you would actually listen to all while creating a “stoke” culture channel. The not-for-profit station has partnered with 140 local Revelstoke businesses, sponsored events and cross promotes up and coming artists and shows. It provides a voice for everyone from yoga teachers to politicians. We are dropping the needle on the classics, playing all the new Indie tracks, and we run a gamut of shows hosted by local celebrities (no need to mention that everyone is famous in a small town – not good for ego).