Diggin’ in the Krates

My name is Ryan Krebs a.k.a. @Krebopolis
In 2015 I moved here and have been supplying the nice people of Revelstoke with tattoos at my shop (Daruma Tattoo).
I’ve been obsessed with music in all forms but when it comes down to the nitty gritty I am truly a hip hop head. Since I was 10 years old I’ve Been collecting vinyls and have accumulated a vast variety of hip-hop records. Majority of them I found at actual shows all across the world.  The others I spend countless hours digging through filthy record bins in many large cities in search of that hip hop genre I grew to love.
Because of tattooing I was able to travel and work.
So I would use those opportunities to find them. I would enter the rap battles, and I would find the shows where ever they were I would go. In search of more records I wanted to be apart of this hip hop culture and I feel extremely lucky that I got to experience this era of hip hop in the 90s/2000s.
This radio show is my way of sharing the gems of the underground hip hop world and the ones I have found along the way.
The premise of my show is all vinyl records!!! All hip hop bangers old and new. There is tons of variety and sometimes I have guests(friends) of mine that come along for the ride and supply some records/stories we try and educate you on what you are listening to.

If you are interested in hip-hop

and wanna hear or find some new music that comes along with some storytelling by yours truly tune in for a hip hop lesson “ Digging in the crates” Saturday evenings @8:15 PM
****(If you miss the show  & want to find the songs that I played the previous shows. I have made a playlist on Spotify.
Search krebopolis’s tattoo shop on Spotify and the playlist is called “digging in the crates”)****

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